Ken Miles’ “Flying Mustang”
1965 Shelby GT350R
( 30 x 24 )

Ken Miles was a British WWII vet, a mechanic, a confidant of Caroll Shelby—a racing icon—and an overall bad*ss.

You know his reputation as a racer and innovator. His fame grows as documentaries and movies are made about his involvement with Caroll Shelby Racing.

A year before Ken Miles set lap records at Le Mans in the legendary Ford GT40, he made waves on the track in the first Mustang Shelby GT350 by driving it to victory at Green Valley Raceway in Texas on February 14, 1965.

The piece you see here depicts Ken Miles in 1965 at Green Valley Raceway.

This car has been called “the most important Mustang of all time.”


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